Melyssa Allen, MA, CHWC, DipACLM

Coach | Author | Fit Pro | "Edutainer"

I consider myself a Positive Lifestyle Coach dedicated to guiding my clients to create habits that support health and happiness!

I have a diverse background as a mental health professional, group fitness instructor, health and well-being educator, and my humble brag is holding my board certification as a lifestyle medicine professional!

But more importantly - I've personally struggled with building healthy habits and feel like I have tried EVERY fitness trend and nutrition fad out there!!! And then I figured out what I needed to change with my mindset and approach to create positive health habits that last!

If you're tired of the empty promises of the wellness industry and everyone telling you that sacrifice and discipline is the ONLY way to success - join the club!

That's why I created my brand and business - to show you that there is another way of doing things.


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