Melyssa with a WHY

Poisitive Fitness Coaching

I graduated from UCF (go Knights!) with my Clinical Psychology, M.A. and hold my nationally recognized certifications for group exercise and personal training. I like to refer to my virtual fitness experiences as the “Mindset Achieve” studio because I emphasize mind-body health and encourage a positive psychology approach to movement! I refer to my members as Achievers (because they’re unstoppable!) and our motto is:

“With the right MINDSET, you can ACHIEVE anything!” 🙌🏼

My mission is to teach you how to drop the struggle and stop fighting to change your body and learn how to work WITH your body instead! 💪🏼

It is so nice to meet you all and I am grateful you have found this page - I can't wait to "see" you soon!

About Me

It is SO wonderful to have you here! I'd love to introduce myself and will be excited to learn more about you too!

My name is Melyssa with a WHY - the #positivepsychfitpro that is striving to transform fitness norms! 💜🥳💙

I am a dog mom to a 11-year old golden lab mix named Buddy who is also a therapy dog, I looooove personal development audiobooks and podcast, my go-to adult beverage is Moscato d'Asti, and I was lucky enough to live out my childhood dream job as a marine mammal trainer! 💙

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I consider myself a multipassionate, purpose-driven professional dedicated to promoting health of mind, body, and heart through positive lifestyle changes.

I have over a decade of experience with behavior change and strive to create enjoyable, entertaining fitness experiences! Anything that moves to the music is my fitness you will see A LOT of musically-driven fitness experiences!