WHY New Year's Eve is My Favorite Holiday!

For some people, their birthdays and Christmas are their favorite holidays throughout the year: but not mine. My all-time favorite holiday is New Years, and my boyfriend doesn’t understand why and probably thinks I’m a little weird because of my NYE obsession. That's okay though, I kind of get it...I mean, who prefers a holiday that is just celebrating a new day versus one where you get presents and gifts and have to spend forced family bonding time??

Well I'll be more than happy to explain from my point of view:

For me, NYE is more than a day on the calendar: it’s a chance for a fresh start, an opportunity to reflect on the past year, an excitement as one chapter that you’ve written in life comes to a close and hoping and dreaming for what is going to be written in the next chapter that begins at midnight.

There’s just something about knowing that you are partying one year away, celebrating all of the triumphs and successes while simultaneously dancing away whatever negative energy clouded your year. And then for the next year to start with a build-up of music, cheers, and kissing as the clock strikes 12:00am and officially kicks off the beginning of a brand-new calendar year!

You know the movie, New Year’s Eve? I LOVE imagining myself as Lea Michele during that movie (not only because people have told me that they think I look like her: which I am always incredibly flattered by and sheepishly deny seeing any kind of resemblance)…but how freaking cool would it be having an epic event that I’m performing at (hold the curtain please!) while rocking a skin tight red dress and belting out Auld Lang Syne to ring in the new year!!! Ugh, I’m such a sucker for those movie moments! Don’t judge me…! Or judge me, I don’t care either way: I will always be a hopeful romantic :)

Favorite quote from the movie New Year's Eve!

This is also the last NYE I get to spend as a 20-something person and I fully intend on living it up, grabbing somebody sexy (ahem…get ready Matt!) and saying “HEY! Gimme all of you tonight!” (Shout-out for the lyrics Pitbull!)

Am I wearing a dress that is a little too tight for the shape that I’m in right now?


Does it shamelessly show off my cleavage to the world?

You bet your ASS it does!

Is that going to stop me from wearing it at some bar in downtown Orlando?


I can’t freaking wait to rock that skimpy little dress that I found at Goodwill for $11 (don’t think it was lost on me that the price of this dress was also my lucky number!)

All. Night. Long.

You know why?

Because one of my biggest lessons from this year was self-love and learning how to embrace where I am right now on my journey to better myself every day. And if I want to end 2018 feeling sexy AF and rock in 2019 with a benchmark of confidence that I hope to keep up through the entire year then I sure as hell am going to channel my inner SMOKING HOT 29-YEAR-OLD BADASS WOMAN THAT I AM!

And I encourage you to do the same this NYE ;)

Dancing away 2018 and bringing 2019 in with the raging party that it deserves because I have SO many plans in store for this year that I know it is going to be amazing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not naively going into the New Year thinking everything is going to run flawlessly and perfectly smooth in my life and I will banish any negative energy from entering my little happiness bubble. That would just be ignorant on my part.

But I think the beauty of the ball dropping at midnight and feeling a rush of excitement helps to imagine letting go of whatever shenanigans the previous year brought you and should empower you with a sense of being unf*ckwithable in the new year to come!

So with that, I bid 2018 a not-so-fond farewell.

2019 – you sure are looking pretty damn fine.

Authentically yours,

Melyssa (with a WHY)

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