...Because I said I would!

WOW...this past week was full of exciting and moving moments! I have some exciting news that I CANNOT wait to share...but I have to at least for a little bit longer! ;)

Anyway, on Sunday I had a staff training and we did an exercise from a non-profit organization called "because I said I would." The purpose of the exercise is to write down something you want to accomplish, and post it somewhere you will see it so you will keep your word! Since I am such a visual person, I LOVED having those little cards to write on that had the phrase "...because I said I would" at the bottom. We had to turn in one of them, and the one I chose was "I will finish my ACE personal training certification...because I said I would." The other two, I have hanging up on my vision board now as reminders for WHY I am working so hard and WHAT I am working for.

One of my two cards that I wrote for myself!

Which leads me to my biggest downfall...

Who has trouble staying DISCIPLINED? I know I do...and it's SO frustrating!!! I get REALLY motivated to start something new and go all in, and then as I get further along things start getting tougher or I start getting bored, then I self-sabotage and quit before I finish a project or a program, then I get angry or disappointed with myself...and the cycle repeats again and again and AGAIN!

...did you know, I am a Beachbody coach and I have NEVER finished an entire round of a Beachbody program?! I'm serious yall...not even the WEEK-LONG programs that were released!!! Seriously, Melyssa?! ONE WEEK you can't commit to something and follow through until the end?!? Nope...hasn't happened yet.

But honestly...it's not just that way with fitness: it's been that way for me with school, with sports, with hobbies...it's such a horrible pattern of behavior that I've adopted over the years. I WANT to finish these projects, but looking back...I realized I've always quit when it got too difficult or when I thought I had done enough or I got bored. Why am I proud of myself for having all of these half-assed projects that I've never finished?! I have about 5 different scientific papers that I started and writing and wanted to get published, but haven't finished ANY OF THEM. Does that mean that I still can't? Well no...but I have other priorities in my life right now.

And you know what? It's okay to reprioritize! There's nothing wrong with taking a step back, and realizing that you have shifted the importance of some things in your life.

But I am READY and WILLING to make a full commitment to my health and overall well-being! I am tired of always being someone who says they will do something and hardly ever follows through with it...but I would like to close that chapter of my life and begin with a NEW chapter where I commit and follow through with my goals.

Because I said I would.

(To learn more about the social movement behind "because I said I would," visit their website here: https://becauseisaidiwould.com/ and make a promise to yourself or others)

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