I have failed MANY times...

...but that doesn't make me a failure.

Towards the beginning of this year, I shared on my social media pages that I. AM. A. CHRONIC. QUITTER. I will get DANGEROUSLY close to finishing something, and then not follow through because I feel like I have "done enough..."

Or the other thing that happens is I might give up a project because another shiny new idea comes into my life!

I've always had a hard time holding myself to a standard of discipline that has allowed me to follow through on goals that I had set for myself in the past:

-publishing a scientific paper in a peer-reviewed journal

(I probably have drafts of about 7 half-complete papers that I never finished or submitted...)

-completing a full Beachbody program

(yall, I honestly made it to day 20 on the 21 Day Fix and didn't do the LAST and FINAL workout...seriously?! Not even the week-long programs that were released was something that I could follow through with...the only one I've been able to stick with so far is 3-Day Refresh...hahaha!)

-making healthier nutritional choices with the 2B Mindset

(okay, to be fair: this program just wasn't a good fit for me...I need something with more structure, but many other people have seen crazy success with this program! Luckily, Ultimate Portion Fix will be released VERY SOON!!!)

-paying off my credit card debt

(this one is still a work in progress...I had it down for a while, but then grad school happened)

-completing in an Olympic Distance Triathlon before I turn 30

(I still have time to make this one...! But I haven't found or started a training program...yet...)

There are MANY other things that I have tried and failed at...over and over again. But that doesn't make me a failure at those things. It shows me that I have room to grow, or maybe I didn't want something badly enough...maybe it was just a temporary visitor in my life at the time!

The truth is: the most successful people fail at multiple tasks, multiple times.

And as I embark on this new journey of beginning my own business, I need to remember to not let my fear of failure keep me from pursuing my passion.

The ONLY time you should consider yourself a failure, is when you fail to try at all.

Authentically yours,

-Melyssa (with a WHY)

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