Introduction: WHY am I here?

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

I'll start with a small introduction: My name is Melyssa and I grew up HATING having my named spelled differently (we'll come back to this later...).

Other things: I am a graduate student, dog mom, health and wellness warrior, group exercise instructor, positivity princess, survivor of trauma, "retired" animal trainer, dance junkie, and inspiration addict! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already knew a lot of that, but who might've learned something too!

"Your happiness is based on how you feel about yourself!"

So as the title of this post says: WHY am I here? Well...the short answer is I want to use this blog and website as a way to share my WHY.

What's that? What is MY why...?

I'm SO glad you asked!!! (or maybe you didn't and now you're going to get the answer anyway...)

Ok so the backstory that I alluded to above was that as a kid and even into my early 20s, I absolutely despised having a name that was spelled differently...I mean, you couldn't find personalized souvenirs ANYWHERE that said "Melyssa" on them. Not to mention all the friends, teachers, family, and technology that misspells my name (yeah, thanks for that one autocorrect). For the longest time I always had the snarky remark when people commented on the unique spelling of my name that I said, "Well, I didn't pick can thank my parents for that..." (love you mom & dad!)

So, fast forward to my late twenties when I was finally starting to learn to love myself and embrace who I was as a person (that will be a WHOLE other blog post to follow someday...or maybe a podcast episode, who knows!) and it gave me a new perspective on my unique spelling. I didn't even realize it as a teen, but I used "melyssa_withuh_y" as my AIM screen name...for those of you who are too young to know what AIM means: it stood for AOL Instant Messenger. And I feel like I just aged myself even more...but whatever, what I'm trying to get at is, I didn't learn to LOVE what was different about me until very recently. I had always resisted my uniqueness and wanted to try to "fit in" with everyone else so I didn't stand out. But I've come to learn, where is the fun in THAT?! Why do we want to be like everyone else? That is so in the end, I learned to embrace who I was and who I wanted to become, which led me to the name: Melyssa with a WHY.

I decided to be clever and use WHY as an acronym that breaks down into: Wellness, Health, and Yourself. Pretty snazzy, right?! (Confession: it took me much too long to figure out what word to use for the Y)

Anyway, in all seriousness I feel like these aspects of life are extremely important and often times overlooked in our society of being busy workaholics. I want to help people improve upon these areas of life and realize their FULL potential. I want to teach people to shift their mindset and learn to embrace what makes them unique instead of trying to mask it and convince themselves that they are somebody that they are not.

My hope is that I will be able to inspire people to believe in themselves, motivate people to crush their goals, and work with them to succeed in achieving those goal through a community of other like-minded dreamers and doers!!!

These days, there is a TON of attention being drawn to "influencers" who are promoting lifestyles, products, services, etc...and I started thinking about that. What they are doing is AMAZING and meaningful work, and a lot of what that "job" entails speaks to me; but I don't see myself as an influencer.

Instead, I want to be an INSPIRER...if that's even an actual word; but if its not, then I am making it one now.

I want to INSPIRE people to chase after and achieve their dreams, like I have been lucky enough to do when I lived out my childhood dream as a marine mammal trainer and now pursuing my coaching and group exercise careers. So that is what I'm hoping this blog and my website will bring to others, and I hope to accompany YOU on YOUR journey and be there to cheer you on along the way!

Thank you for reading my landmark blog post, and I hope you're looking forward to what comes next as much as I am!

Authentically yours,


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