Is it just me...??

...or is anyone else tired of seeing fitness marketing that includes people with ridiculously fit physiques?!

I know for me, I have struggled over many MANY years to begin developing kindness and compassion for myself...and I KNOW that the advertisements and articles floating around that say things like "6-Pack in 6 Weeks!" or "Belly & Buns Bootcamp" or "30 Day to Your Dream Body!" Why is it that the industry that is supposed to promote physical health and well-being is SOOOO saturated with negative messaging - if we don't look like the fitness models, we must not be healthy then...right??

For so long I have been in a battle with my body because it didn't fit into a certain size or look like those fitpros I admired...but I have finally gotten to a place where I accept my body as it is right now, while continuing to work on improving and enhancing my health. I LOVE teaching fitness classes, and for the longest time I felt like an imposter because I didn't think I LOOKED like a fitness instructor...because all you really have exposure to in marketing from big companies are the "perfect body" fitpros - and that is NOT me! At least, it isn't right now, and I don't know if it will ever be - and you know what...?!?


THAT'S RIGHT - I SAID IT! You.don'! your mind completely blown right now?! Because when I came to that realization, mine sure was! We have been conditioned by our society to think that there is something wrong with our bodies and that we need to "fix" it - and it's ALWAYS about physical appearance: beat the belly bulge, get a J.Lo booty, get rid of the arm jiggle, thigh gaps, 6-packs, V-lines...OH MY! And the list goes on and on and on...

So as much as I love some of the workout programs I have done in the past - I am TIRED of looking at all those "perfect" bodies doing the program...with the only "normal" body giving the options for the moves and modifying the workout.

I am breaking out and creating that space of body positivity and self-compassion I have been craving all these years...I have been spreading this message in all of the group fitness classes that I teach - but STOP focusing on how your body looks and focus on how you FEEL!

That is where the magic is going to happen - and I am working hard to bring my vision to life. Being that instructor who doesn't fit into the box of what big-name companies would look for to represent their brand, and instead I am bringing my passion, energy, and skill together to inspire others to shift their focus and transform their lives.



And I want to redefine what health looks like in the fitness world.

I want to represent what whole health looks like, and I am making it my mission to create a community that finds joy in moving their bodies in a way they love, stops trying to change the things they don't like about their bodies, and finds the harmony and freedom that comes with learning to work with your body to create healthy changes in a compassionate, kind, and patient way.

It is going to start a movement - and I want you to be part of it, so I hope you will join me for the fight against the status quo and help me change the way the world sees health.

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