Knowledge is NOT power...

...did you read that title and think that I'm crazy? Yeah, when I first heard Rachel Hollis say this as a keynote speaker for our conference, I had no idea where she was going with this!

Until she elaborated a bit more:

"Knowledge isn't power...APPLIED knowledge is power." And that struck a nerve with me, because there are so many times where I KNOW what I should be doing or what I need to do to solve a problem...and yet, there are so many times where I don't put in the effort and do what I KNOW I need to do.

And that is not what is going to get you results: by just knowing what you should be doing.

The same thing goes for so many of the personal development books and podcasts that I listen to! I KNOW what I need to be doing to get results, but I just keep getting in my own way...

It has taken me a while to make this post because I haven't really wanted to admit how lazy I've been and how I had basically given up on myself to try and change my life...I had gotten comfortable and complacent, and it's not that I wasn't happy, but I wasn't growing and that started to scare me. Luckily, that trip to Indianapolis was EXACTLY what I needed in my life to get myself back to taking some action to create the life of my dreams and transform my mind and body along the way.

This photo was taken after an amazingly inspirational speech from Shaun T after he taught our master class during our training, and it absolutely moved me to my soul!!! His passion for inspiring other through fitness spoke to me on so many levels, and his energy was absolutely was a moment I will never forget.

You know how sometimes you just need a kick in the ass to get out of your pity party and into your zone of focus?

That is what this moment was for me.

Before I went to that conference, I felt like WALKING PROPANE - just waiting to be ignited (thanks for this lovely metaphor Lori Harder!). And now, I feel like I have been fanning the flames ever since I got back from this trip. I am so excited for everything that I've been working to create and bring to the world to help others focus on their WHY: Wellness, Health, and Yourself. Are you ready to have your life transformed?

I sure hope so, and I would love for us to get there: together.

Authentically yours,

-Melyssa (with a WHY)

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